All items sold "AS IS, WHERE IS" with all faults. 

All descriptions are believed accurate but can not be guaranteed.




  • By placing a bid, YOU (the bidder) signify that you have accepted the information on the lot you are bidding on and have deemed it to be of your satisfaction.

  • When REGISTERING TO BID you will be asked to CONFIRM YOUR IDENTITY by PROVIDING Andrew Wilson & Co with a valid CREDIT CARD or photograph of a DRIVERS LICENCE. This is done to confirm genuine buyers are being accepted into our auction. REGISTRATIONS must be completed before 1PM FRIDAY (the day of the sale ending) and WILL ONLY be approved if YOU HAVE CONFIRMED YOUR BIDDING ACCOUNT.

  • WINNING BIDDERS will be contacted by SMS after the sale to confirm the success of payment via the details of the card provided upon registration.


  • All final bidding prices are INCLUSIVE of GST

  •  PAYMENTS must be paid for ON THE DAY (NO EXCEPTIONS) 

  • TRANSPORT must be arranged by YOU (the purchaser)

  • LOCATIONS of the lots are LISTED and YOU must take this into consideration BEFORE BIDDING. 

  • ANDREW WILSON & CO have the right to reject bids at our discretion (THIS INCLUDES BANNED BIDDERS)

  • DEFAULTING on a BID will result in you being BANNED from placing FUTHER BIDS at any AWC AUCTION.

  • HORSES must be collected WITHIN 5 DAYS after the auction end date. Horses left with the vendor for any longer MAY be subject to additional AGISTMENT CHARGES.

  • IF you are the HIGHEST BIDDER on a lot that HAS NOT MET RESERVE you are given the first RIGHT OF REFUSAL at the reserve pricing. RESERVES will be PUBLISHED ON FACEBOOK following the conclusion of the auction and those looking to MAKE AN OFFER can do so on the CONTACT NUMBER FOUND within the post

  • 1% Credit card fee APPLIES TO ALL SALES.


  • By choosing to list your horse/gear item with AWC you have agreed to the following COMMISSION charges as listed HERE which will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale prior to the funds being paid directly to you.

  • You agree that by entering your the horse/saddlerly item into the next available online auction that you will give Andrew Wilson & Co EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to negotiate the sale of your horse/saddlery item from the DATE OF SUBMISSION FORM UNTIL 7 DAYS AFTER THE AUCTION END DATE. You agree to pay Andrew Wilson & Co the commission amount based on the reserve price if the horse is sold AT ANY TIME during the exclusive sale period (as specified above) by the agent or any other authorised person. (THIS INCLUDES SELLING MY HORSE FOR THE ASKED RESERVE PRICE OR A NEGOTIATED AMOUNT AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE AUCTION or at anytime within THE EXCLUSIVE SALE PERIOD

  • You agree that should the horse/saddlery item you are listing within an auction for any reason be removed from sale during this EXCLUSIVE SALE PERIOD without a VETERINARY CERTIFICATE you will be BILLED and LIABLE to pay any COMMISSION based on the reserve price listed UPON APPLICATION.

  • Listing information provided by you IS to be as TRUE and CORRECT as humanely possible and all declarations as specified on your listing form have been DECLARED to reflect this. If you are found to be in breech of this clause you may be BANNED/SUSPENDED from listing your HORSE/GEAR in ANY future sales conducted by ANDREW WILSON & CO.

  • All VENDOR SUBMISSION forms must be completed WITH the relevant VIDEOS and PHOTOGRAPHS by 5 PM WEDNESDAY (the night before the sale begins) or when the lot allocation of 150 LOTS has been EXHAUSTED.

  • If your HORSE DOES NOT MEET RESERVE DURING A LISTED AUCTION it is AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED into the Andrew Wilson & Co AFTER SALES PROGRAM which takes place from the conclusion of the sale and runs for 7 days. During this time our team will field offers from interested parties and highest bidders in order to gain results for those lots passed in under reserve. Should an offer be received on the lot you are listing you will be contacted by an ANDREW WILSON & CO representative.  Should an arrangement or sale NOT BE MET you will be invited to re-list your item at the next auction.

  • An AWC staff member will contact you once the transaction of sale has been completed. We will provide you with the buyers name and contact number. You are then REQUIRED to release the HORSE/GEAR into the new owners possession.  

  • All PAYMENTS will be made to you (The Vendor) within 7 - 10 DAYS of the auction ending. 

  • YOU also UNDERSTAND that by choosing to list an entry with Andrew Wilson & Co you have entered into a legally binding contract and that should you DEFAULT or BREACH any of the TERMS outline ABOVE or WITHIN YOUR REGISTRATION FORM  Andrew Wilson & Co have the right to refuse and future sale listing and group any commission owed.