Absentee Bidding


Andrew Wilson & Co is pleased to present all the information that is required to successfully place absentee bidding on sale days. This service allows you to secure horses from various locations around Australia.


Placing an absentee bid


In order to place an absentee bid on sale days you are required to text Rachael on 0427 194 017.



  • Your full name, as listed on your driver's licence

  • Your address

  • The lot/pen number of the horse you are bidding on. Lot numbers will be allocated once the horse arrives at the sale yard. Alternatively, you can use the horse's name if you are placing a bid prior to the horse arriving.

  • Your maximum bid amount $$. This may not necessarily be the price you pay at the fall of the hammer (eg. your highest bid is $450 but your bid is successful at $380 - you will only be required to pay the lesser amount). However, we must stress that no bids will be placed after your allocated amount is reached.

All bids must be placed prior to 12:30pm on the day of sale, bids after this time may not be honoured. The earlier your bids can be placed, the better.


Successful bidders


Successful bidders will be notified by the close of business on auction day, an exact time is not available due to the length of sale being unpredictable. After payments have been made the horses must be removed from sale yards by 12 noon on the Saturday following the sale, unless prior arrangements are made with the staff at Andrew Wilson & Co.




Payments are to be made in full via debit/credit card on the day of the sale. Please note a 1% card fee is charged on sale total.

GST: Some horses may have GST added to the final sale price and some may not; this is determined by the vendor's current registration for GST.

Temporary agistment


Temporary agistment is available for horse/s while transport is being arranged. This service is provided to you by Rachael and Gavin. Horse/s will be kept in a large secure private yard with a shelter, fed twice daily with both hay/hard feed, and rugged when needed. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION contact Rachael on 0427 194 017.